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Sculpt: Raleigh by Marita Winters LIMITED EDITION

Finished will be approximately:  3 lb. 12 oz. ~ 17 in.

The Raleigh sculpt by Marita Winters is such a precious little sleeping angel. She is barely 17 inches in length with bent legs and will weigh approximately 3 lb. 12 oz.


The baby pictured here is "Jasmine" who is now adopted.  This listing is for a CUSTOM reborn created from the RALEIGH sculpt and can be created in your choice of skin tone, hair and gender.   Your baby will be painted with Genesis Heat Set Paints (GHSP) which are baked to cure the paint. Your baby's skin will be done in skin tone of your choosing with mottling, veining and blushing to develop depth and realism. Her skin will be somewhat blotchy as you would expect any brand new baby to be. When you pick her up be sure to support her head, as it is floppy as a true Newborn baby would be. Be sure to whisper as she is sleeping so soundly. She has sweet baby lips, Marita has really outdone herself with this sweet baby.


The Raleigh sculpt has 3/4 arms and full legs. Her soft doe suede body willl be weighted with fine glass beads and silky soft fiberfill. She will snuggle perfectly into your arms, you will forget that you are holding a will find yourself rocking her and humming soft lullabies as she loves those. Her tiny little finger and toe nails will be tipped and sealed.


Your baby will have has rooted hair in the color of your choice.  The hair will be micro-rooted 1-2 hairs per follicle.   Her eyelashes will also be micro-rooted. All hair is sealed with a clear glue inside the head, it can be gently styled per the Care Instructions that come with her.


Your baby will come with a day outfit, a pj or sweet pea gown, diaper, blanket, toy, SLRN Reborn Birth Certificate, Care Instructions and COA.

You can also add magnetized binkie and hair bows for a small charge.



$525.00 USD US $35.00 s/h (USPS Priority with insurance and signature confirmation of delivery). INTERNATIONAL please contact for s/h

I offer a payment plan, please contact me for more information

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