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Sculpt: Andres by Jannie de Lange 7 lb. 8 oz. ~ 26 in.

"Jennifer" is a adorable toddler… she wants to be a princess and is so adorable in her pink jeweled tiara. She was created from the Andres sculpt by Jannie de Lange. She is 26 inches in length with straight legs and weighs 7 lb. 8 oz. She will either need to sit in a chair or be held up with a doll stand. She does not have an armature as she has jointed arms and legs.

Jennifer was made with gentle loving care, painted with Genesis Heat Set Paints (GHSP) which are baked to cure the paint. When you pick her up be sure to support her whole body as she is very heavy. She adores her kitten, “Rascal” who loves to sit in her lap and watch cartoons.


Jennifer has 3/4 arms and legs. Her body and limbs are weighted with fine glass beads and silky soft fiberfill. She will fit perfectly into your lap or a stroller if you want to go to the park.

Jennifer has gorgeous blue eyes that sparkle and beg you to come play with her and pet her kitty. Her eyes are German Glass Eyes in a gorgeous blue. Her eyelashes are an eyelash strip.

Jennifer’s blonde hair is a human hair wig and can be carefully styled. Her hair can be curled with curlers or a curling iron – be careful not to burn the hair as you would any human hair wig. You can use damp water or Johnson’s Detangler mist spray; however, you do not want to get her head wet as it will damage her.

Jennifer does not have an armature as she has a jointed body; therefore, she must have a doll stand if you want to display her in a standing position.  

Jennifer comes dressed in her Pink Mud Pie outfit and pink shoes; she has her Princess tiara, pink pineapple shorts set and her favorite kitty “Rascal” . 

NOTE:  Toddlers require more shipping and handling charges, US s/h is $50 USPS Priority with signature required upon delivery.

A payment plan is available.


A payment plan is available, please contact me if you are interested.

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