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Sculpt: Lexi by Sandra White 4 lb. 1 oz. ~ 18 in.

"Jeremiah" is a sweet sleeping baby boy. He was created from the Lexi sculpt by Sandra White. He is 18 inches in length with slightly bent legs and weighs 4 lb. 1 oz.


Jeremiah was made with gentle loving care, painted with Genesis Heat Set Paints (GHSP) which are baked to cure the paint. He has the uneven skin tones of a newborn. Be sure to support his head, it is floppy as a true Newborn baby would be.

Jeremiah has 3/4 arms and legs. His soft doe suede body is weighted with fine glass beads and silky soft fiberfill. He will fit perfectly into your arms, you will forget that you are holding a reborn will find yourself rocking and snuggling him and possibly humming a lullaby. His tiny little finger and toe nails have been tipped and sealed.

Jeremiah has soft brown hair which has been micro-rooted 1-2 hairs per follicle. His hair is Delta Dawn premium mohair. His eyelashes are also micro-rooted. All hair is sealed with a clear glue inside the head, it can be gently styled per the Care Instructions that come with him.

Jeremiah will arrive dressed in his light blue “Later Gator” pj’s and wrapped in his flannel swaddle blanket. He also has his white/dark blue soccer onsie and shorts, white socks and has his white bear snuggly.


A payment plan is available, please contact me if you are interested.

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