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Sculpt: Teddy by Adrie Stoete (Limited Edition #146/500 – Sold Out)

3lb. 14 oz. ~ 18 in.

Sweet sleeping angel Jordan began her reborn journey as TEDDY, a soft vinyl sculpt by the very talented sculptor, Adrie Stoete. She is a Limited Edition #146/500 which is SOLD OUT. In the beginning, she had a nice warm bath to remove any chemicals which might be left over from the molding process. She then was painted in many layers of Genesis Heat Set Paints to give her a newborn Caucasian skin tone. She has a belly plate which is also painted to give depth and have subtle veining adding realism. Many hours have gone into building depth and adding details to add the realism necessary to "bring her to life". The paint is heat set ~ with proper care it will not rub off or fade. She has subtle veining, mottling and wispy painted eyebrows.

Her hair is premium mohair from DELTA DAWN in a medium to dark blonde; it has very soft curls and is easy to style. I have micro-rooted it using a very small needle so there are only 1-2 hairs per follicle. I have also hand rooted her eyelashes. The hair is sealed from inside her head and can be dampened and gently styled. Her tiny little finger and toe nails have been tipped and sealed.


Her body is signed by Adrie and is a soft doe suede with jointed 3/4 arms and full legs. Abigail has very small glass beads encased in her body to add weight in all the right places, she also has silky fiberfill to make her cuddly and snuggly.


Jordan will arrive in her white w/seahorses pj’s light blue headband and has her belly plate; she also has a pink Mini Muffin pink ruffly top with tutu pants and her favorite ducky. She is wrapped in her Pink flannel swaddle blanket. 


A payment plan is available, please contact me if you are interested in more information

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