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COMING SOON...  She is still a work in progress....If you are interested, I can email you up to date pictures.  The pictures are of her COA, legs, feet and hands.  I am currently rooting her hair so do not have facial pics yet.

Sculpt: Kylie by Romie Strydom Limited Edition #59/800 5 lb. 4 oz. ~ 22 in.

“Savannah” is a large baby, inches in length with bent legs and weighs 3 lb. 12 oz. She is a SOLD OUT Limited Edition sculpted by the wonderful Romie Strydom.

Savannah, like all my babies, was made with gentle loving care. She is painted with many layers of Genesis Heat Set Paints (GHSP) which are baked to cure the paint. She has been painted in fair Caucasian skin tones with subtle mottling, veining and blushing to develop depth and realism. Her cheeks look like she has been out in the sun as they are rosy and seem to glow. When you pick her up be sure to support her head, as it is floppy as a baby might be. This baby reminds me of a farm girl waiting to grow up.


Savannah has 3/4 arms and full legs. Her soft doe suede body is weighted with fine glass beads and silky soft fiberfill. She will snuggle perfectly into your arms, you will forget that you are holding a will find yourself rocking her, humming soft lullabies and gazing into her huge blue eyes. Her tiny little finger and toe nails have been tipped and sealed.


Her eyes are a gorgeous green German Glass Eyes and go perfectly with her golden strawberry hair which is micro-rooted a hair (possibly two occasionally) at a time. All hair is sealed with a clear glue inside the head, it can be gently styled per the Care Instructions that come with her.

BLUE STRIPED “I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT’S IN HERE” BOX: Savannah comes in her pink pinafore dress and hat with her pink/white striped bow tied shoes. She also has a white/dark blue polka dotted OWL pj’s and a Rene` Rofe Baby Dress with a pink jacket. She has a blanket and her favorite toy – a pink pink bowed headband, she is wrapped in her pink swaddle blanket. She also has a pink elephant with striped legs. 

Extra s/h charges as this is a toddler, US s/h $50 USPS Priority with signature upon delivery  


A payment plan is available, please contact me for more information

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