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Custom Babies ~ I would love to create your Dream Baby for you

I'm a paragraph. Click once to begin entering your own content. You can change my font, size, line height, color and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.There are many considerations when creating your "Dream Baby" . Custom Babies are as unique as the imagination. I communicate via e-mail throughout the creation process to get your input and make every attempt to create your baby your way. PIease note, all reborns are unique, no two are exactly alike; if you have seen a baby on my website or another website and would like one siimilar, I will do my best to make a "similar" doll with your input along the way. lf you would like an estimate on a doll please contact me with your choices below:


There are many sculpts to choose from. Please look through my Photo Gallery and other website photos to choose a sculpt that you like. There are many sculptors to choose from. If you see something you like on my website, eBay, FB or any other site you can send me a link to identify the sculpt and if it is available. Many sculpts are Limited Edition (LE) sculpts that are only available for a limited time or limited number. Here are some other sculpt options to consider:

  • Open Eyes or Closed Eyes
  • Length of your baby (typically 18" - 24")
  • Torso type - cloth only, full torso over cloth body, full jointed torso, cloth body with front/back/partial belly plate.
  • Limb Type: 3/4 limbs or full limbs
  • Gender specific??
  • Please visit the Custom Options page

Portrait or Look A Like Babies

If you would like to have a baby doll that looks like your baby, e-mail me some of your favorite pictures of your baby that you would like to have made up as a doll; I will search for a sculpt that is similar and get sculpt pictures and options back to you.

Visit the Portrait Baby page


Recently there have been many new sculpts come out

Pug sculpt (could be made into Pug or other flat faced canine such as a shih Tzu)

Pig Sculpts (3 new sculpts from Cindy Musgrove)

Sphynx Cat

Several monkey/chimp sculpts are also available.

NOTE: I Did NOT paint these piglets, they are prototype pictures by EVON NATHER; she did such a beautiful job depicting these sweet babies.