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Custom Baby Upgrade Options

German Glass Eyes

I recommend upgrading to German Glass Eyes as they add such realism to your baby doll. The price of the eyes will vary depending on the size of the eye. When making a quote if no eye option is specified I will quote with this type of eye.

NOTE: this is an option for open eyed babies only.

Skin Tone

There are several options for skin tones:

Caucasian (Strawberries & Cream, Very Fair or Milk & Honey, Peaches and Cream)

Biracial (such as in picture) You determine how light or dark you would like the skin tone.

African American (again, you determine how light or dark you want the skin tone).

Torso & Belly Plate Options

Most reborns come with a soft doe suede or flannel cloth body that is jointed for 3/4 limbs or open for full limbs. There are other options to add . - Note, these are an additional cost, I do not typically quote with a belly plate unless it comes with the sculpt). Prices will vary depending on type you choose and size of baby.

BELLY PLATE: (Pictured to the left). This option will lay over the front of your baby and is typically used for posing. You can also have ties added in a similar color to the skin tone to attach to your doll. NOTE: Some belly plates are partial and only have the lower 1/2 of the belly.

FRONT & BACK TORSO: These are similar to a belly plate but have a full front and back plate. They also be gender specific.

FULL TORSO OVER CLOTH BODY: This is an option with Cradle© sculpts and possibly some others. This is a full torso with openings for head and limbs. This fits over the jointed cloth body and typically has 3/4 arms and legs.

FULL TORSO: These are sculpt specific, these come with a full torso that has connectors inside the body to attach all the limbs and head. This type of body allows for more clothing options.


PACIFIER: If you would like the option of a pacifier for your baby, most sculpts can have a very strong magnet placed behind the mouth, then use a magnetized pacifier to place over the mouth and appear as if the baby is sucking on a pacifier. This is an option on most babies. $15

HAIR BOW: A very strong small magnet is placed inside the head which allows a magnetized bow to be placed on the head. This will prevent you from pulling on hair adding bows/barrettes to your doll. Also, if you opt for a bald baby this will allow you to place a small bow or accessory on the dolls head (see pictures of my Robin Sculpt). $15

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